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Do you drive often and enjoy thrilling experiences with your car? Well, this can be quite exhilarating but also risky. As a driving enthusiast, you may have to face usual accidents that can affect how your car looks or how it works. Body work restores your car’s aesthetics. Moreover, it saves your car from worsening of damage that can have an impact on car’s functioning. So, never ignore petty issues and get the best car body work in North London at Potters bar garage.

DIY or professional assistance?

Car is complex with a lot of components and parts. Therefore, anything that happens to the car is not as simple as it seems. However, people tend to prefer DIY to professional assistance in case of body work. But remember, every dent and scratch is unique. In addition to this, if you treat the identifiable problem, the one hidden behind can be a cause of heavy damage later on. Professional service offers a repair that lasts longer with higher degree of reliability. So, always go to the experts for car service.

When do you need car body work?

  • Your car would need paint less dent repair if the car is hit in a way that has caused the dent but has not damage the paint. Such dents are most common on hoods, trunks, and doors.
  • A dent that damages the paint. In this condition, technicians fill the dent and then paint the affected area.
  • Technicians would replace the panel (door, bumper, hood, trunk) if the accident has caused an irreversible damage.
  • Hence, its rectification is important to ensure safety in case of any other accident. Frame repair or frame straightening fixes the fault.

Car body work at Potters bar garage:

At Potters bar garage, we offer free bodywork estimates. Our state of the art Dalby Genesis X, spray booth is an impressive set up, offering quick drying times and maintaining an efficient heating system by burning the gas twice. Moreover, we have our own paint store and mixing room, ensuring manufacturer specific match.

Visit our website to know more about us. Check out the service and contact details on the site. Give us a call at 01707644465  if you have any query regarding body work or request a call back. Drop by our garage for car body work in North London.