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Do you know that a car’s system is quite similar to man’s? Any one faulty or painful organ affects the overall functioning. Similarly, any malfunctioning car part minimizes the car’s efficiency. Hence, you need to make sure of your car’s health in order to have a peaceful driving experience. So, why not trust us with your car parts because we are good for all makes and models equally. If you are looking for car parts repair in Enfield, our expert technicians will never fail to satisfy you.

Which car parts are likely to cause a break-down?

A car consists of many components, but a few hold huge significance due to the role they play. In addition, these parts are also prone to damage.

  • Tyres : The role of tyres says all about them! They go through all the roughness, and ensure a smooth ride.
  • Cam belt kits : It consists of all the parts of timing belt assembly – tensioners, idlers, dampers, gaskets, water pump, and the belt itself. It synchronizes the movement of engine’s valves. Consequently, a cam belt problem can lead to engine’s failure.
  • Clutches : Clutch is responsible for a smoother shift between the gears. If you observe soft pedal, excessive noise, and slipping, then there is a chance of your clutch’s wearing out.
  • Exhaust : Do not compromise on your exhaust’s health because a healthy exhaust will keep your car and environment healthy.
  • Batteries : Batteries supply the fuel and energy that your car needs to go on. Moreover, weak batteries are one of the most common reasons of break-down.
  • Brakes : Bad brakes are one of the main reasons of unsafe ride. So, make sure that they are up to the mark!

What does Potters bar offer for car parts repair?

  • High-quality parts for repair or replacement
  • Diagnostics with latest technology
  • Reliable, affordable and timely service
  • One year full guarantee
  • No-obligation free brake checks

Visit our website to have a look at the service and contact details. Get in touch through our email ID or phone number. You may give us a call or request a call back. Drop by our garage to get any car part fixed.
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