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Every component of your car has a purpose, and if any one fails to function, it will affect car’s efficiency. Hence, a healthy exhaust system is crucial to your car’s safety. Therefore, take a good care of your exhaust system, look out for signs when exhaust system will need repair and service, and take it to the experts for inspection.

Why is exhaust system important?

Exhaust system plays the role of detoxifier and purifier by controlling your vehicle’s emissions. Have you ever heard of the combustion process? Well, that is what happens in engine to propel the vehicle forward; consequently, this process produces a number of by-products in form of noxious gases. Then, the exhaust system plays its role by converting harmful gases into water vapors and carbon dioxide. Secondly, combustion produces high temperature that is recirculated back into the chamber – all thanks to exhaust system. Moreover, combustion is a noisy process but exhaust system never fails to reduce the noise.

Signs that exhaust system needs repair:

Loud rattling sounds:
Strange and abnormal sounds can be due to a failing catalytic converter, muffler or exhaust pipe. Get your exhaust system inspected immediately if you hear such sounds.
If your car is vibrating and loosing power, it is an indication that you need to get your exhaust checked. However, vibrations can result from some other causes too. So, take the expert advice.
Decreased fuel efficiency:
A leak in car’s exhaust will affect the pressure in exhaust system, leading to higher pressure and lower fuel economy and mileage.

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